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[linux-lvm] [Fwd: boot from lvm volume]

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Subject: boot from lvm volume
Date: Sat, 08 Jul 2000 00:07:03 -0500
From: Michael Nittmann <corporate ncincwi com>
Organization: NCinc, Inc.
To: linux-lvm-approval msede com

Is it yet possible to boot from an LVM volume?
A big advantage of LVM is the live resizing of volumes. Especially
installing I would like to collapse / and have as many directories in
fact as file systems on LVMs as possible.
The big advantage is a very fast recovery time, and also a quick
of the kernel, e.g. keeping all /etc config files in place (production
/etc/ mounted over sysgen /etc after sysgen/etc is merged into
production /etc).
I like also mirrored / .

Is anyone working on a logical volume manager that supports Raid 1-5?
(well, raid0 is the lvm itself, concatenation across physical media).

I am not on the list, please copy me in.



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