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Re: [linux-lvm] [Fwd: boot from lvm volume] Is ther


I'm very interested in using LVM for the root partitions (I use Redhat 6.2) as I can do with IBM AIX.

I would like to make a rootvg containing some LVs with /var /tmp /bin /usr /home for example, then make a datavg for SGBD, datas and so on.

As I plan to update my production system running 2.2.16 to 2.4.0 as soon this new kernel is available, I did some tests with the new kernel-2.4.0.test2 and lvm-0.8final patched. It seems to work perfectly but I was unable to find a way to put rootvg under LVM.

I understood that you use the initrd way to getting up your first VG but before that, how can you do to put /var /usr /sbin etc... under LVM. I mean, changing the filesystem tag (-> 0x8e) then creating PV, VG and LVs will distroy all datas on disk !!

Is there any way to create LVs before installing my RH distribution ?

Did I missed something ? Is there any documentation that could explain how to do this ?

NB: LVM is integrated into my kernel and is not a module.

Could you please help me on that subject ?

Thank you in advance,


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