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Re: [linux-lvm] New LVM user, couple of problems

At 01:22 PM 7/12/2000, you wrote:
Setup is a P2 300, 2 Seagate 4.3G SCSI HDs, 128M RAM, BusLogic controller,
2.4.0-test3 kernel, and 0.8final LVM tools.

The first issue I hit upon is with lv[extend,reduce]. Essentially I will
change the size of the lv (eg lvreduce /dev/vg00/lvol1 -L 200m) however
when I mount lvol1 the size shown is the same as it was before, according
to df. lvdisplay shows the correct size of 200m, but the system seems to
disagree saying the lv is still 6.7g which was the original size. [...]
This obviously is a bad thing, if diskspace
is exceeded it should just say no more diskspace, or similar, not go into
a loop that I can't get out of except by reboot ;).

Brian, when you resized the LV, you only changed the structure of the block device, not the filesystem that sits on top of it. The filesystem structure still thinks that it was the size the block device was when the filesystem was created. Before changing the size of the logical volume, you need to use an ext2 resizing tool to resize the filesystem. If you're using reiserfs, this is actually easier, and you can do it dynamically.

feeling malicious in general, I started a *very* large dd (eg dd
if=/dev/zero of=/lvol1/really-big-friggin-file bs=1024k count=7000). This
proceeded along fine for a while, during which I realized that it should
stop at 2G due to FS (ie ext2) limits. At 2G the ls output became rather
unusual, but the dd continued and df continued to mark the fs as fuller
and fuller. The dd finished succesfully (7000 records in + out) and df
says 6.8G of the 7.5G is being used on the lv.

I note that you're using a 2.4.0 kernel. The 2GB file limitation has been removed from the 2.4 kernels. LVM has nothing to do with how the filesystem itself operates. LVM is responsible for the block device, not the data on top of it.
Daniel Whicker (heimdall mail org)

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