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[linux-lvm] LVM ready for primetime?

I am looking to set up a ``poor-mans'' NetApp for our company. Basically,
here's what I'm looking at:

* Hardware RAID 1+0 (Mylex or something)
* ~150-300GB storage (all 18GB and 36GB SCSI disks)
* Logical Volume Manager (LVM)
* ReiserFS
* NFS or Coda
* Redhat Linux

Here are some of the applications we'd like to use this for:

* Web pages
* qmail Maildirs
* RealMedia files
* Possibly some MySQL/Sybase databases
* Approx. 20-50 full-time client machines

My question is this: is LVM ready for prime-time? The setup above seems like
a good idea in comparison with a NetApp (though I don't expect to get near
the same performance), but if it doesn't work, the comparison is moot.

Anyone have any thoughts on this? (Also, I welcome your recommendations for
changes to the hw/sw I've laid out above. However, it might be prudent to
e-mail these comments directly, and not the list.)


Peter Green : Gospel Communications Network, SysAdmin : pcg gospelcom net
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