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[linux-lvm] LVM and RAID 0.9 Error on lvcreate

Hi Heinz,

after applying your vgchange patch (which worked) i have given that
raid/lvm setup some additional testing today, and ran into new problems.
It seems that there is a bug (?) in creating a lv. It seems fine first,
but something get screwed up then - the same (analog) series of commands
work just fine on a normal partition on the same system.

pvcreate     -d /dev/md0 -ff   2>&1 > /tmp/pvcreate.out
vgcreate     -d vg01 /dev/md0  2>&1 > /tmp/vgcreate.out
vgdisplay    -d                2>&1 > /tmp/vgdisplay_1.out
vgscan       -d                2>&1 > /tmp/vgscan_1.out
vgchange     -d -a n           2>&1 > /tmp/vgchange_1_n.out
vgchange     -d -a y           2>&1 > /tmp/vgchange_1_y.out
vgscan       -d                2>&1 > /tmp/vgscan_2.out
vgdisplay    -d                2>&1 > /tmp/vgdisplay_2.out
vgcfgbackup  -d                2>&1 > /tmo/vgcfgbackup.out
lvcreate     -L128 -nroot vg01 2>&1 >/tmp/lvcreate.out
	< errorcode 0, things seem fine>
vgdisplay    -d                2>&1 > /tmp/vgdisplay_3.out
	< errorcode 0, output looks ok>
vgscan       -d                2>&1 > /tmp/vgscan_3.out
	< errorcode 3, the vg vanished >
vgdisplay    -d                2>&1 > /tmp/vgdisplay_4.out
	< errorcode  98 , VGDA and lvmtab are inconsistent>

the debug output is attached as tar.gz. Please let me know if I can
provide additional information or such.

thanx and 
best regards


 Stefan K                                       email:     stk rmi de
 Aix-la-Chapelle                                fax/data: +49-241-533353

Attachment: bin00001.bin
Description: lvmdebug.tar.gz

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