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Re: [linux-lvm] building the binary utilities

Chris Campbell wrote:
> I got a patched kernel to compile ok, but now I have
> problems building the binary lvm utilities.  There are
> errors about not being about to find lvm.h and
> liblvm.h.  I copied them to /usr/include, and then it
> got farther but complained about gnu/types.h.  After
> symlinking that, I got an error about lots of
> redeclarations.  What's going on?  Thanks.

At least for glibc2.1 you need a patch for the user mode tools,
otherwise compile fails. Please install patch patch-lvm_0.8final-2

For a list of know issues please have a look at

Instead of copying lvm.h to /usr/include you should modify the
KERNEL_LOCATION in make.tmpl. By default it assumes your kernel 
sources in /usr/src/linux.

Hope this helps

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