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[linux-lvm] problems with vgscan


I am experiencing problems while doing a vgscan, attached I have
included a debug trace for

In short this is what I get :

vgscan -- ERROR "parameter error" with special file /dev/vg01/usr
vgscan -- ERROR "parameter error" creating volume group directory and
special files
vgscan -- ERROR "parameter error" creating "/etc/lvmtab" and

and I am not able to activate my vg's :-((((.

My config is:
2 disk, complete pv's 
1 disk, with 9 linux and dos partitions and 2 pv partitions.

3 volume groups 
	vg00 complete disk 1
	vg02 complete disk 2
	vg01 with the two partitions from the remaining disk

vg00 has one logical volume(home)
vg01 has two logical volume's(usr and tmp)
vg02 has one logical volume(lv00)

When I change the partition ID;s from the pv partitions in vg01, from 8e
to 83,
(making then invisible to LVM) vgscan completes normal.

During the creation of vg01 I renamed one of the lv's but other than
that I did nothing
special to it.

During the creation of vg01 I was able to access the lv but as soon as I
the problems began.

The kernel I am using it 2.3.99.pre2 but found the same problem when
using 2.3.49.

If I need to provide more info i'll be more than happy to.


Jorg de Jong.

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