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[linux-lvm] list changes

Greetings all, the linux-lvm list now being hosted by Sistina Software as well
as the website. All list user-admin stuff can be handled online as we use 
mailman. The URL's of interest are:

You will also notice that linux.msede.com/lvm redirects you to
http://www.sistina.com/lvm/ however the DNS records have not been updated yet,
you will be able to get to it from our site at http://www.sistina.com/

Please make all your postings to this list to 
linux-lvm sistina com

And a HUGE thanks to Michael Marxmeier for his tremendous help to Sistina
Software and All the LVM crew on his hosting of the LVM stuff as well as his
help making the assimilation of LVM into Sistina.

Please refer all administrative questions to me. And thank you for your
patience during our changes.

Ben Lutgens		cell: 612.670.4789
Sistina Software Inc.	worl: 612.379.3951
Code Monkey Support (A.K.A. System Administrator)

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