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[linux-lvm] Baffled by errors

Here are a few questions from a linux newbie, I hope this is the right forum to 
raise them, forgive me if it ain't.

I'm trying [without success] to build lvm (0.8-pre02.10.1999) on my Sparc 10 
(RH6.2, kernel 2.2.14-5). Linux itself is running without problems.

I get lots of parse errors during compile that I don't understand:
    /usr/include/XXX/XXX.h parse error before XXX
Is my compiler screwed? Have I missed something blindingly obvious? Should this 
code work on Sparc? Is this version of lvm the right one for my kernel?

Is anyone able to offer advice on these problems. Will summarise.


Merv Thomas.
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