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Re: [linux-lvm] LVM and I2O

Jan Strohbehn writes:
> I'm trying to get the newest lvm working on I2O-devices, but it seems
> that the LVM-tools aren't able to recognize them. Has anyone a hint
> are an idea why this problem appears ???

That's because LVM was coded to do all of the device/partition searching
itself.  This is a holdover from 2.0 days when /proc/partitions did not

> Are there any workarounds ???

What you need to do is go into the LVM user tools (tools/lib/lvm_dir_cache.c)
and add /dev/i2o (or whatever the base of the device name is) to the list of
"valid" LVM devices.  You also need to add the block major(s) to at least
lvm_check_dev.c, lvm_check_partitioned_dev.c.

The issue of LVM handling partitions/devices/etc itself has caused problems
in the past, and will probably cause problems in the future.  The solution
is to have LVM allow anything in /proc/partitions, and only fall back on
its internal checks if /proc/partitions doesn't exist.

Cheers, Andreas

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