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[linux-lvm] *** Announcement *** 2nd Annual Linux Storage Management Workshop


Please consider attending the 2nd Annual Linux Storage
Management Workshop in Miami, Florida, to be held from
Oct. 15th-19th at the University of Miami.  More information
about the conference can be found at 


Speakers include:
Stephen Tweedie, Red Hat (ext2fs and ext3fs) 
Hans Reiser, Namesys (ReiserFS) 
Peter Braam, Turbolinux (Intermezzo) 
Heinz Mauelshagen, Sistina Software (LVM) 
Ken Preslan, Sistina Software (GFS) 
Rik van Riel, Connectiva (VM system) 
Ted Ts'o, VA Linux (ext2fs and friends) 
Alan Robertson, Suse (Heartbeat) 
John Jackson, Purdue University (Amanda) 
Steve Best, IBM (IBM's Journaled File System) 
Ben Rafanello, IBM (IBM's LVM) 
Rick Wheeler, EMC (EMC & Linux) 
Chris Feist, StorageTek (Secure File System) 
Steve Lord, SGI (SGI's XFS) 
Jeremy Allison, VA Linux (Samba) 
Gawain Lavers, Big Storage (Linux DMAPI) 
Steve Pate, Veritas (Veritas' VxFS & VxVM on Linux) 
Dave Higgen, VA Linux (Linux NFS V3) 
Matthew O'Keefe, Sistina (Linux Storage Clusters) 
and others... 

If you plan on attending, please make your reservations as soon as
possible, as hotel space in Miami is limited.  More details
on reservations and registration can be found at the web page.

Hope to see you there,
Matt and Heinz

The Workshop Organizers 

Matthew O'Keefe                          Heinz Mauelshagen 
Sistina Software, Inc.                   Sistina Software, Inc. 
okeefe sistina com                       mauelshagen sistina com 
http://www.sistina.com                   http://www.sistina.com 


Heinz Mauelshagen                                 Sistina Software Inc.
Senior Consultant/Developer                       Bartningstr. 12
                                                  64289 Darmstadt
Mauelshagen Sistina com                           +49 6151 7103 86
                                                       FAX 7103 96

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