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Re: [linux-lvm] lv not persistent across reboot?

At 02:47 PM 09/27/2000 +0000, Heinz J. Mauelshagen wrote:
>Morning Steve :-{)
>On Wed, Sep 27, 2000 at 07:19:14AM -0500, Steve Brueggeman wrote:
>> Does this imply that Linux LVM will also have problems with discs in H.A.
>> configurations? 
>> For example: Fibre Channel drives have two ports on them.  If I have a
Linux box
>> with two Host Adapters, and each adapter is connected to the same set of
>> but on different ports, will v0.8final (without the patch below) have
>> vgscans?
>Yes, it should.
>> I have not been following the high availability mailing list, and a
solution may
>> already exist  there.  If so, and you know how, I'd be interested in a
>> description.
>Not that i am aware of.

Does anybody have any experience to contribute about what other
LVM systems do in these situations?  They don't have the dynamic
scan/assignment stuff in Solaris or AIX, right?  (Showing my
ignorance here).

My experience of FC-AL setups is limited to theoretical at this
point, but I had been wondering how they are addressed by systems.
Is the dual-port stuff handled within the driver such that it's
not actually presented as two separate "devices"?  The presence
of two ports is a redundancy (+optionally performance) issue,
so that would almost make sense to me that one would hide the
physical reality inside the driver.

-- mats

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