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[linux-lvm] vgscan -- no volume groups found

Please forgive an LVM newbie who has not kept sufficient backups. If at all
possible, I would like to keep my data intact.

Having successfully installed LVM on /dev/md0 (sd[ab]1) including root on
LVM, I was finally ready to kill my online backup on /dev/hda6. I pvcreated
it, vgextended it, and lvextended an lv that needed more room. When I
rebooted, however, vgscan cannot find my vg. I am using kernel 2.4.2 and

I downloaded beta6 tools and created a separate initrd on another machine
that gives me a bash prompt, but vgscan now complains of invalid i/o
protocol v. 11. I did try the UUID trick found in the mailing list archives,
and I have verified that both my PV's have the correct list of UUIDs in
order, but beta5 vgscan still complains of no volume groups found.

Does anyone know how to build /etc/lvmtab and /etc/lvmtab.d/* manually, so
that I can get back into my normal root volume? And how can I fix my VGDA so
that vgscan can use it?

Yours in Need,
jdehaan home com

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