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Re: [linux-lvm] vgcreate error


> I have problem with LVM beta6.
> I have RedHat 7.0 with 2.4.2 kernel (compilation with
> util-linux 2.10o, modutlis 2.4.2 & e2fsprogs 1.19).
> After compilation all is OK.
> I'm installing LVM (first- .configure - OK,
> second- compilation with LVM as module - OK,
> third- make - OK, fourth- make install - OK).
> but when i started module and i want create lvm group
> (vgcreate lvmgrp /dev/sd?? /dev/sd??) I obtain:
> lvm -- lvm_chr_ioctl: unknown command 4004fe0a
> vgcreate -- ERROR "Invalid argument" creating VGDA for volume group
> "lvmgrp" in kernel.
> I don't known what i do bad?

Andreas answered this question already. (In short: upgrade kernel part 
of lvm to beta6 or use a patch provided by Andreas) See e.g.

There is also a search page for the archive of this (and the other)
lvm mailing list(s):
(4004fe0a leads to the answers)

Holger Grothe  (Email: grothe mathematik tu-darmstadt de)
Fachbereich Mathematik, TU Darmstadt

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