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Re: [linux-lvm] What is the the maximum logical volume size?

In your message on you write:
> Andrew PAtterson writes:
> > I am tring to figure out what the maximum logical volume size is.
> It may be 1 TB or it may be 2TB.  Depends on whether all of the code
> in use use uses unsigned longs for block numbers, or if some use signed
> longs.  2TB is the outer limit for now (unless you start playing games
> inside LVM, to have 4kB hard sector size, and remap to the disk 512 byte
> sector size).
> Does it really matter?  This is PER LV, 

What does "PER" mean?

so if you really need to have an
> LV that large, give it a try and let us know what works.  I've seen a
> report of someone with a 1 TB device (some kind of HW RAID, not LVM)
> under Linux, so I know that works, but I haven't seen larger yet.

Okay, I'll give it a try.  

> I wouldn't want to be keeping all of my eggs in such a large basket.  I'd
> much rather have several smaller filesystems, especially since you STILL
> need to fsck on occasion (don't let reiserfs journaling fool you, you can
> still have SW/HW problems that will corrupt the filesystem).

I agree with you, but I am not the sys-admin for the person who wants
this capability.



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