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[linux-lvm] linux-lvm list now open

Just FYI:

This list is now completely unmoderated.  If you haven't been following the
thread, a number of people got pissed off and decided to open a new ML,
linux-openlvm nl linux org, when they couldn't get a response from us.  This
was an unfortunate misunderstanding, and hopefully it's resolved now.
Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions or concerns you might have
regarding this list if you don't get a response through the normal channels.

AJ Lewis
Sistina Software Inc.                  Voice:  612-379-3951
1313 5th St SE, Suite 111              Fax:    612-379-3952
Minneapolis, MN 55414                  E-Mail: lewis sistina com

Current GPG fingerprint = 3B5F 6011 5216 76A5 2F6B  52A0 941E 1261 0029 2648
Get my key at: http://www.sistina.com/~lewis/gpgkey
 (Unfortunately, the PKS-type keyservers do not work with multiple sub-keys)

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