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Re: [linux-lvm] Re: [repost] Announce: Linux-OpenLVM mailing list

Alan Cox wrote:

As far as getting patches into the stock kernel, we've been sending patches
to Linus for over a month now, and none of them have made it in.  Maybe
someone has some pointers on how we get our code past his filters.

Has it occured to you that some of this might be because the code does stuff like hide flags in the low bits of addresses and do unchecked kmallocs ? Things people have tried to send patches for ..

The best way to get stuff to Linus is to feed him changes one at a time and
make them all clean and clearly correct. When I have a big set of changes I
normally start by feeding Linus all the 'fluff' - spelling checks and small
warning fixes. After that its normally easy to pick out changes one at a time
and feed them on.

Given 500 lines of mixed up diff it is very hard to verify the correctness of

The IrDA folks have had a similar struggle.  AJ, perhaps it would be
helpful for you to read the discussion that took place regarding getting
a bunch of IrDA code merged into the 2.4 tree:


Dag Brattli <dagb fast no> eventually had a discussion with Linus and
hashed out what he needed to do to get Linus to accept his big patch. It all
worked out very well, IIRC.


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