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Re: [linux-lvm] disk add means trouble: vgscan -- invalid i/o protocol version 5

I am reposting this, since I believe I have run into a serious condition

A stable, running configuration consisted of one IDE disk with one LVM
VG on it, and adding another IDE disk leads to a non-working vgscan. If
I go back to the one IDE disk configuration, the LVM gets discovered,
and adding the second disk again leads to non-working vgscan. 
I cannot completely rule out any hardware issues here (since the disk
with the LVM VG is apparently having lots of SMART redirects and
significant access time increases), but I'd like to investigate this
vgscan problem further.
(Since it reduces my confidence in LVM very much, so much that I am
currently killing the LVM on my terabyte raid because I do not want to
see anything like that there.)

So if anyone has an idea of how to investigate this, I am open to
experiments. If not, I'll send the disk back to the manufacturer for


AJ Lewis wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 16, 2001 at 08:34:18PM +0200, Stefan Helfert wrote:
> > Dear list,
> >
> > I was running a stable configuration until yesterday:
> > several SCSI disks with standard partitions, two IDE disks, only one IDE
> > disk (Maxtor 40Gig /dev/hda) holding a LVM partition. LVM version that
> > of
> > SuSE 7.0, that was lvm-0.8 Build 111 from SuSE.
> >
> > When I added a 60 GB Maxtor IDE as primary slave, I found that vgscan
> > only
> > throws an "invalid i/o protocol" error. Upgrading to a SuSE 7.0 update
> > lvm did not help. Upgrading to the SuSE 7.1 lvm-0.9.1_beta-3 did not
> > help
> > except detailing the error "... protocol version 5".
> >
> > When detaching the 60 GB disk, everything works again. (The 60 Gig disk
> > is empty, it did not hold a partition table -- and it does not work with
> > a
> > partition table and some partition either.)
> Can you run vgscan w/o the 60GB disk attached?  If so, that's very
> odd...there may be some crud on the front of the disk that the LVM tools are
> reading as metadata.

I'm sorry to tell:
The 40 Gig disk alone, w/o 60GB disk attached, vgscan runs.
I now have moved the data with the help of another machine, and
currently the 40 GB disk is primary master and the 60GB disk is primary
slave -- and vgscan does not run anymore. Note that the 60GB disk is
holding partitions now -- a NTFS partition and a ext2, but no LVM
partition there.

Ideas how to investigate ?

> If you've updated the tools, you need to upgrade the kernel as well.  That's
> normally why you'd get the invalid IOP protocol message.

I understand. I did downgrade to LVM-0.8 again, since 0.9.1-beta3 did
not run with my 2.2 kernel.

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