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[linux-lvm] Re: [repost] Announce: Linux-OpenLVM mailing list

Miles Lane <miles megapathdsl net> writes:

> Gosh, this seems like a bit of a red herring, IMHO.  Do you think the
> LKML gets a "lot" of spam?  Or, how about the linux-usb-devel or
> linux-hotplug-devel lists?  None of these lists are moderated and the
> occasional spam gets sent to them, but I haven't noticed there being
> enough spam to hinder the usefulness of these lists.

That's partly because davem and Matti are rabid anti-spam weasels and
very good at it.  ;)  There are all kinds of filters (including
content-based ones) on l-k, otherwise we'd be inundated in processed

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