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[linux-lvm] Split patch sets for beta[345]


If you look at the URL below you will find the small patch sets that
I've been working on over the weekend.

The 2.4.3 patches were generated automatically by repeatedly patching
the LVM tarball, building a 2.4.3 patch, applying said patch and then
diffing.  The results look correct but I haven't tested them - yell
if you see something wrong.

Could people please mail one of the LVM lists (I don't care which you
use) if they see anything they don't like.  I will add links to any
specific patch discussions so Alan and Linus can quickly come up to
speed on what the LVM community thinks of them (the patches).

The remaining patch sets should appear over the next day or so.

A similar page containing all patches submitted to the mailing lists
will also appear shortly.

I hope this makes a good start in correcting Sistina's errors in the
management of LVM.


No doubt this page will move to www.sistina.com at some point.

- Joe Thornber

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