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Re: [linux-lvm] Need help with LVM on RedHat 7.1

> I have been holding my breath for 2.4 for so long and as I download and
> install RedHat 7.1 with 2.4.2-2, I find that LVM is not by default
> configured.

LVM is not by default configured because the lvm on the kernel
(0.9.1beta2) is broken AFAIK.

> vgscan(1) reports no lvm.o module found.

you should appy this patch to the initscripts also AFAIK

--- initscripts-5.83/rc.d/init.d/halt.lvm	Wed Feb 28 17:18:49 2001
+++ initscripts-5.83/rc.d/init.d/halt	Mon Apr 23 20:15:51 2001
@@ -163,6 +163,9 @@

 [ -f /proc/bus/usb/devices ] && umount /proc/bus/usb

+# LVM shutdown
+[ -e /proc/lvm -a -x /sbin/vgchange -a -f /etc/lvmtab ] && /sbin/vgchange
-a n
 # Remount read only anything that's left mounted.
 #echo $"Remounting remaining filesystems (if any) readonly"
 mount | awk '/ext2/ { print $3 }' | while read line; do

> So I get the sources and compile with RAID and LVM marked as modules.

you should get the new lvm userland programas and kernel module from :


until the upgraded kernel module and programs get into the oficial kernel.

> My make menuconfig; make dep; make clean; make bzImage are all fine.
> Based on some docs, I was now supposed to do 'make modules'.

while building a RH kernel don't forget to copy your configuration to a
safe place and do a $(make mrproprer) before a $(make menuconfig) or you
could end having strange dependency problems from what is left on the
kernel-source RPM

if you follow the LVM documentation you are going to be safe, i just
happened to make it work for RH7.1beta and LVM 0.9.1beta6.

and for sure, adding a new patch to the kernel SPEC and rebuilding to get
new RPMS is a nice way to get it working.

best regards,


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