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Re: [linux-lvm] disk add means trouble: vgscan -- invalid i/o protocol version 5

Patrick Caulfield wrote:
> On Fri, Apr 20, 2001 at 01:28:42AM +0200, Stefan Helfert wrote:
> > I am reposting this, since I believe I have run into a serious condition
> > here:
> >
> > A stable, running configuration consisted of one IDE disk with one LVM
> > VG on it, and adding another IDE disk leads to a non-working vgscan. If
> > I go back to the one IDE disk configuration, the LVM gets discovered,
> > and adding the second disk again leads to non-working vgscan.
> > I cannot completely rule out any hardware issues here (since the disk
> > with the LVM VG is apparently having lots of SMART redirects and
> > significant access time increases), but I'd like to investigate this
> > vgscan problem further.
> > (Since it reduces my confidence in LVM very much, so much that I am
> > currently killing the LVM on my terabyte raid because I do not want to
> > see anything like that there.)
> >
> > So if anyone has an idea of how to investigate this, I am open to
> > experiments. If not, I'll send the disk back to the manufacturer for
> > replacement.
> The first thing to do is to get your kernel and user tools in sync so that
> you don't get th IOP message. If you have a kernel you like then node the LVM
> version number in that kernel and build the tools for that version.
> That should get vgscan working after some fashion. If the new disk still seems
> to be causing the problem then please post the error here so we can have a look
> at it.
> patrick

My kernel and user tools are in sync (lvm_0.8) and my initial problem
here is that I get the IOP message -- and I get this message out of the
blue. No software changes, no kernel changes, nothing else except adding
another disk drive, the configuration had been running stable since
ages. I do not see anything here except the vgscan error, and the output
of "vgscan -d" is here:

bash-2.04# vgscan -d                                                   
<1> lvm_get_iop_version -- CALLED
<22> lvm_check_special -- CALLED
<22> lvm_check_special -- LEAVING
<1> lvm_get_iop_version -- AFTER ioctl ret: 0 
<1> lvm_get_iop_version -- LEAVING with ret: 5   
vgscan -- invalid i/o protocol version 5



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