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RE: [linux-lvm] vgscan does not found my VG, but pvscan does...

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Have you tried a vgimport?

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Subject: [linux-lvm] vgscan does not found my VG, but pvscan does...

Hi *,

I have a strage problem on my Desktop. I have installed Kernel 2.2.18
and lvm 0.9.

All things have been fine till this morning. I have increased a
logical volume
(and the reiserfs which resides on that volume) from 1000M to 2000M
(not 2GB).

Some time later I had to reboot the machine (because I want to attach
devices to the SCSI bus). After the reboot vgscan does NOT find my VG
longer. It only says something like "no voulme group found".

If I call pvscan it tells me that it found two physical disks (thats
ok). But 
both  PVs are in an unknown VG. I should call vgscan (but see obove

Then I called pvdata to find out something out about whats going
wrong here.

pvdata -a /dev/sda1 ; pvdata -a /dev/sda2 ; are working fine , they
also tell 
me that these PVs are members of sysvg.

Does anybody have an idear how to get vgscan to read this info?
pvdata finds members of a VG but vgscan does not :-((.

I hope someone can help me!!
(Yes I do have backup data, but I want to sleep well, if there are so
lvm installations out in the world).

Best regards,
Fabian Herschel
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