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Re: [linux-lvm] badblocks handling with LVM

On Monday 23 April 2001 12:08, Andreas Dilger wrote:
> Laurent writes:
> > I have blocks marked bad on a ext2 filesystem.  The device has bad
> > blocks. I'm wondering how bad blocks are handled with lvm.  I would like
> > to create a phycal volume on this device and use reiserfs on it.
> > Could you give me some informations ?
> As long as the bad blocks are not in the first ~250kB of the partition/disk
> then LVM doesn't care about it.  However, reiserfs doesn't yet support bad
> blocks in the filesystem (this is currently under development AFAIK), so
> this will not help you.

The problem is that when you move LV's around and make snapshots the bad 
blocks on the underlieing media will move.  Therefore I think that management 
of bad blocks possibly should be done in the LVM.

Or should we just assume that LVM runs over RAID arrays of ATA/SCSI disks 
that have sector-sparing so that bad blocks are not an issue?

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