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Re: [linux-lvm] Cannot unmount my /usr partition.....

On Thu, Apr 26, 2001 at 05:04:58PM +0900, Glenn Shannon wrote:
> Hi all!
> Great job on LVM...loving it so far..just have a quick question if I
> may..
> Here is my current setup:
> RH 6.2 with misc updates (PAM GlibC etc.)
> 2.4.3 kernel with LVM Patch and ReiserFS Patch
> Compiled in (of special note) are ReiserFS support, DevFS support with
> automount at boot option enabled, and LVM 0.9.1Beta7(from patch made in
> the PATCHES dir of sourcetree).
> Boots fine (better than fine!) and devfs reiser and lvm seem to play
> well together while they are running...... but upon shutdown I cannot
> unmount my /usr partition for some reason it is busy.
> I have hacked the init scripts to let me reboot successfully (as it IS a
> production machine with automatic reboot times entered in the cron) but
> it cannot deactivate my LVM due to the /usr partition being busy.

Have you already tried to put an "lsof|grep '/usr/';sleep SomeTime" into your
shutdown script before the umount in order to find the bad guy(s) aka
processes ;-) which have files still open?
Then you might enhance scripts to shut them down correctly.

In general: there's no danger related to not running "vgchange -a n" on your
            VG(s) because nothing is written to the PVs at all today.

> Current slicing setup:
> LVM Name is warlock1
> size is 11.48GB
> 2.48GB Free
> Mount Point    Partition    type        size
> /                        /dev/hda4    ext2        2G (not LVM)
> /usr           /dev/warlock1/usr  reiserfs  6GB (LVM)
> /root        /dev/warlock1/root reiserfs 1GB (LVM)
> Any ideas here guys?
> Other than that little hiccup, I'm having a GREAT time setting up and
> messing with LVM!
> Glenn
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