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Re: [linux-lvm] Segfault at boot with vgscan and linux 2.4.4 kernel

Hi there!

LVM is compiled in to the kernel, not as a module.

I have hand-patched the lvm.c file with the patch that was on the list. My
kernel compiles fine.


Ed Tomlinson wrote:

> On Sunday 29 April 2001 07:17, Glenn Shannon wrote:
> > Hi all (again!),
> >
> > Just got done compiling my new 2.4.4 kernel using the same options as
> > before and now at boot vgscan is segfaulting......
> >
> > Anyone else have this problem?
> >
> > Tried recompiling the lvm tools....no dice. Still segfaulting...
> >
> > Tried recompiling my kernel with pgcc and no dice (wont finish
> > compiling....complains a bunch and error 2s out on the make bzImage
> > phase...modules compile fine tho (wierd).
> >
> > Tried updating my binutils and recompiling....no luck there either
> is lvm built as a module?  If so what does depmod -ae show.  If you
> have undefined ref you need to apply the patch posted on this list on
> top of beta7.
> Ed
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