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[linux-lvm] using LVM from two machines

I have LVM installed on two machines, both of which
are connected to the same storage(RAID BOX). Now I
need to do LVM operations from different machines at
different times. I will try to put a scenario and my

Lets say I have 2 disks( disk1, disk2). I have two
machines M1 and M2. Both machine see all the disks. If
I create a VG called VG1 on disk1 from M1, and do a
vgscan on M2, the VG VG1 can be seen from both the
machines. I then create VG called VG2 from M2 on

So basically I created 2 VG's from two different
machines, but both is visible on both machines. 

Now if I delete a VG from a machine from one machine,
any LVM operations from the other machine fails with
the message "VGDA in kernel and LVMTAB are not
consistent". I manually removed /dev/VG1 and /etc/lvm*
from the other machine and did a vgscan , but still I
get the message "VGDA in kernel and lvmtab are
inconsistent, please run vgscan". Running vgscan does
not help.

How can I modify this VGDA in kernel in the other
machine so that any LVM operation on one machine can
be reflected in the other machine. Or can I do
something like  "deactivating" the data that is kept
in the kernel, so that the LVM just relies on the
information in the disks, or something like that. I
mean I need to be able to use LVM from two different
machine as if they were one.

Aman Shahi.

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