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[linux-lvm] Writing forward compatible applications using /proc

I have some ideas for a comprehensive GUI disk administration tool, and
I am first thinking about some of the issues I'll face regarding
interfacing with controllers, disks, partitions, md, and LVM.

I am curious if it's a silly idea to write an application that relies on
the data in /proc?  Do the kernel developers attempt to keep the data
and format provided in /proc as stable as possible?  Or is it fair game
for trivial changes that could break applications that parse it?  Should
I use ioctl instead?

I don't mind having to release a new update to be compatible with a new
format in /proc every once and a while, but if it's constantly a moving
target I may want to look at alternatives.

I also have the same question with LVM related tools.  Is it sane to try
to wrap a GUI around lvm tools or is there some API approach that would
be better?


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