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Re: [linux-lvm] Bad Disk

But it doesn't kill / contaminate the rest of the
volume group?  i didn't enable striping so I'm
assuming it'll leave the other data alone.

Would you have to issue any administrative commands
via the vg or lv commands to reduce the vg size?


--- lembark wrkhors com wrote:
> -- Christopher Blunck <cblunck2000 yahoo com> on
> 08/13/01 18:32:30 -0700
> > I didn't find this in the FAQ anywhere -
> > 
> > Let's say I have a vg01 consisting of PV1 and PV2.
> > Then let's say that PV2 dies (hardware problem). 
> What
> > happens to vg01 and furthermore, what happens to
> any
> > LVs created out of vg01?  
> It depends.
> If all of your lv's are on pv1 then you can often
> get them
> back w/ the old vgexport/vgimport trick.  If your
> lv's are
> spread across the two pv's then whatver lv's touched
> pv2 
> are history.
> sl
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