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[linux-lvm] Duplicate device numbers -- my fault.

I have now RRRTFM and have realised that when upgrading with pvversion(0.91-b8) I had the beta8 tools first in my path. Presumably this explains my corrupt logical volumes. I have recovered from backups.

Now the real reason for sending this. For people like me, could the upgrade instuctions be changed to include the following:-

2a) Check that the OLD pvm tools are first in your path:
# pvdisplay -?
The first line of output shows the version of pvdisplay this should be the OLD version 0.91_beta7 or earlier. Maybe the pvversion script could be updated to automate this, making it fail safe.

Another enhancement would have made my life easier, but this could be harder:-

Presumably when vgscan is run at boot time, it is reading metadata from the volume groups it finds, including their last used minor device numbers. If this tool finds duplicates (as I ended up with) would it make sense for it to stop and report the error. Maybe even "vgchange -ay" could be arranged not to activate the offending volume groups. This would have alerted me to my error far earlier, but could I suppose have cuased problems had I had root-on-LVM.

Chris Ritson
EMAIL:	C R Ritson newcastle ac uk	POST:	Chris Ritson,
PHONE:	+44 191 222 8175			Department of Computing Science,
FAX :	+44 191 222 8232				University of Newcastle upon Tyne,
ROOM:	618 Claremont Bridge (the Mill)		United Kingdom NE1 7RU.

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