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[linux-lvm] Data on LVM-Partition, how to read it out


I try to get an Answer to my Problem once more. Someone Told me that i
Have the "bug 193 in bugzilla". But how do I handle the Bug? How can I
Read the data out of the partition?

I had the following things running for a short while:

- RedHat 7.1 with all updates.
- self-compiled Kernel 2.4.6 with patched lvm 0.9.1_beta7

On my first HD Igave the rest space to hda7 with fdisk and set the
partition to "8e" lvm.

The I followed the howto at sistina at:

- I initalized the Partition:
  pvcreate /dev/hda7

- I added the partition to a new volume group:
  vgcreate lvm_volume_01 /dev(hda7

- then o activated the volume group:
  vgchange -a y lvm_volume_01

- The I put a logical volume on the volume group:
  lvcrate -L50G -nlvm_lv_01 lvm_volume_01

This logical Volume was then at /dev/lvm_volume_01/lvm_lv_01 and o
formated it woith reiserfs an mounted it! Evething runs fine.

I copied the old contents of hdb5 and hdc5 of the smaller HDs to this
logical volume. on hda7.

Then I added deleted the partition on hdc5, made a new one, set it to
8e an added it to the volume group as explained at:

pvcreate /dev/hdc5
vgextend lvm_volume_01
lvextend -L30G /dev/lvm_volume_01/lvm_lv_01
resize_reiserfs -f /dev/lvm_volume_01/lvm_lv_01

That was all fine and i could mount the lvm_lv_01 without any

The same I then wanted to manage with the thirt HD at hdb5, but then
something went wrong??

Resize reiserfs did something but when i wanted to mount the LV it did
not work. reiserfs-checks did not found a problem but the mount-binary
told my something about a superblock......

Abter a reboot I now have the following:

[root holodeck lvmconf]# pvdisplay /dev/hda7
--- Physical volume ---
PV Name               /dev/hda7
VG Name               lvm_volume_01
PV Size               48.54 GB / NOT usable 1.06 MB [LVM: 169 KB]
PV#                   1
PV Status             available
Allocatable           yes (but full)
Cur LV                1
PE Size (KByte)       4096
Total PE              12425
Free PE               0
Allocated PE          12425
PV UUID               cFFBJX-aqxr-P7kU-71OY-pgpX-rvtA-XxVpoc

But for /dev/hdb5 and /ev/hdc5 it does not show the same. NOTHING!!

And becouse I did not write anything to the volumegroup or logical
volume after the added two partition al my data must still be on hda7.
But how do I manage to get on it?


How do I get on my Data at lvm_volume_01 bzw lvm_lv_01.
lvm_lv_01 was formated with reiserfs

Greetings from Germany from Alex

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