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Re: [linux-lvm] restoring lvm cinfiguration

On Tue, Aug 21, 2001 at 02:53:29PM +0200, Ulrich Wiederhold wrote:
> Hi,
> * Lars Grobe <grobe gmx net> [010821 13:23]:
> > My question is concerning the naming conventions of the files. So is vg01
> > the name of your vg?
> Yes.
> > I did a vgcfgrestore -l with the different files in /etc/lvmconf, and while
> > the <vgname>.conf gives me the current config (that is after resize, and I
> > want to get the config before resizing), I have a file <vgname>.conf.1.old that
> > seams to hold the data before resizing.
> > 
> > So I would like where lvm will store the data if I resize a lv - is .conf
> > the new (current after resizing) and .conf.1.old the old (before resizing)
> > configuration? So if I want to undo resizing, should I restore from .conf.1.old?
> I think you should use .conf.1.old then. The newest file is .conf, the
> oldest one .conf.9.old (at my system, "ls -l" shows you this).
> You can use the -t option to test the command.

Yes, that's correct.

You can even have deaper backup histories setting the environment variable
LVM_VG_MAX_BACKUPS to a higher value than 9 (max is 999).

> Uli
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