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[linux-lvm] Mail troubles at hermes.sistina.com[]?

I'm sorry for sending this message to list.

Today morning I noticied that our mailserver
rejected some mails from hermes.sistina.com
due to invalid (non-FQDN) SMTP HELO argument
(this is not rfc-compilant, and our mailserver
configured to reject such a misconfigured

I sent a notice to postmaster sistina com about
this issue, hoping it will be resolved soon.
But that my message still in our mailqueue,
with a message:

(host hermes.sistina.com[] said:
 451 Cannot check <postmaster sistina com> at this time -
 please try later)

So Sistina also have no valid postmaster address
that is also required by RFC?  This way, it will
end up on rfc-ignorant.org's blacklist shortly! ;)

Now I whitelisted this IP address (it was once
whitelisted here already, due to reverse-DNS problem
that seems gone now), so I hope to receive some
mails from there from now on (if I was't unsubscribed
authomatically due to constant bounces, as our
mailserver rejected about 15 messages destined to me).

Something wrong with Sistina's mailserver, and needs
to be fixed soon.


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