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[linux-lvm] Debian apt-get link problem

  I have been trying to use the link in the LVM Howto by AJ Lewis, and
the DEBIAN.readme in /pub/LVM, to obtain/upgrade LVM on a Debian testing 
box.  The link does not work.  I have been able to ftp to the sistina 
site to get the lvm 9­2 lvm files.

  I just tried the link 
( deb ftp://ftp.sistina.com/pub/LVM/binaries/debian unstable main )
again and am still gettting the same error;
Failed to fetch
Unable to fetch file, server said 'Error opening file; No such file or directory.  '

 If there really is a debian package on the site, would someone please 
let me know what the link to it is.

  Oh, and update the Debian.readme file with the correct link.

Many Thanks
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