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[linux-lvm] LVM vs NBD

 When I try to display a PV that lays on an NBD (/dev/nda1), pvdisplay
returns with strange error..  This error also shows when I try to add this
PV to a volume group..  NBD isn't supprted by LVM or what's the problem?

  # pvcreate -vv /dev/nda1
	pvcreate -- locking logical volume manager
	pvcreate -- checking physical volume name "/dev/nda1"
	pvcreate -- getting physical volume size
	pvcreate -- checking partition type
	pvcreate -- creating new physical volume
	pvcreate -- setting up physical volume for /dev/nda1 with 6144000 sectors
	pvcreate -- writing physical volume data to disk "/dev/nda1"
	pvcreate -- physical volume "/dev/nda1" successfully created
	pvcreate -- unlocking logical volume manager

  # pvdisplay -vv /dev/nda1
	pvdisplay -- checking physical volume name "/dev/nda1"
	pvdisplay -- getting physical volume size
	pvdisplay -- creating physical volume device number from name "/dev/nda1"
	pvdisplay -- reading data of physical volume "/dev/nda1" from disk
	pvdisplay -- ERROR "pv_read(): pv_create_name_from_kdev_t" no VALID
			physical volume "/dev/nda1"


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