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[linux-lvm] Re: HELP changing md-device's partition-type to LVM

Hi i couldn't change the partition's id of the RAID but i mannaged it to create the VG, LV and to format the LV
but when i try to mount the the LV mount segfaults  and every try to do anything with the LV finish witth a sleep
i mean when i try to mount anything ( a partition, a CD or a LV) after the segfault of the first ' mount -t xfs /dev/myData/Music /mnt/music '  mount goes to sleep and do not do anything
vgdisplay says that the volume is activ
lvremove says that the volume is open and can not be removed 
do you have an idea wthat is the problem
and what can i try

the LV ( lvcreate -i3 -I4 -L26G -nMusic )

the VG -> myData   /dev/hdh10 /dev/md6 /dev/md7

/dev/hdh10 normal partition 14G
/dev/md6 ->  linear software RAID 14G /dev/hde6 /dev/hde12
/dev/md7 ->  linear software RAID 14G /dev/hdg1 /dev/hdg5 /dev/hdg6 /dev/hdg12

the reason:

after trying BeOS, FreeBSD and useing windows , i was trying to switch complete to linux without having to repartiton all the drives( i have tree )
and lose about 30G of Data + and a new instalation ( the current Data and instalation is over a software RAID-0 other a striped  LV's  or to back up 30 Gigs of Data
AJ Lewis wrote:
On Thu, Aug 30, 2001 at 03:26:38PM +0200, svetljo wrote:
Hi i saw your postings on the lvm-board
and i was woundering whether you can help me

can you plese tell me how can i change the type of 'partition' on
md-device (softweare Linear RAID )
i can not make it with fdisk on md-device

i have 3 disks with a lot of partitions and i wanted to build striped
LV's on a new VG
i've created the VG ( /dev/md5 /dev/md6 /dev/hdh10 )
but when i try to create LV's it returns to me that not all PV's are
online ( md5 )
and /proc/mdstat tells me that everything is ok :
md5 ( /dev/hde6 /dev/hde12 linear) and md6 (/dev/hdg1 /dev/hdg2
/dev/hdg8 linear) are online
but they are marked as ext2 partitions

can you please help me

I'm sorry. I don't personally have any experience using md. I suggest you
post this to linux-lvm. There should be people there that have done what
you're proposing.

linux-2.4.9-xfs-cvs  with LVM 1.0.1rc1


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