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Re: [linux-lvm] reinstall, import, export question

-- Steve Wray <steve wray the net nz>

I'd really like to do a reinstall of my main server
Real Soon Now, but I'm concerned about the LVM side
of things.

I have a bunch of logical volumes on the system, none
are essential, its all data. Its backed up but I don't
want to have to wipe it and restore it.

I want to be able to simply reinstall the system
and carry the physical volumes, and the VG's and
LV's they hold over to the rebuilt system.

About the only references to anything like this in
the docco is about exporting to a different system.

Is this really necessary for my purposes? Or can I
expect that when the new system comes up, the LVM
subsystem will find the old volumes nicely?

So long has you have complete backups go for it :-)

You might wan tot consider exporting the volumes then
re-importing them onto the new system after the install
is complete. This avoids the installation cycle accidentally
blowing off the lv's.

Steven Lembark                               2930 W. Palmer
Workhorse Computing                       Chicago, IL 60647
                                           +1 800 762 1582

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