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Re: [linux-lvm] RAID support...


I am replying to you personally, and not forwarding it to the list, not sure if that is correct netiquetee or not. Here is the a link to the FAQ entry that discuss precisely the issue. Basically, the primary developer disagrees with you.

I happen to agree with him, but that is because I end up using software RAID and mirror everything and then build LVM devices out of them. Technically there is not speed advantage for doing it for anything except for RAID0 in the LVM. It causes a lot of code duplication between the software RAID and the LVM.

A strong case could be made for a more GUI/command line capable disk volume management that encompassed RAID/LVM/GFS/ext3/XFS/JFS/ReiserFS/nb and every other thing under the sun to make administration easier, but well, somebody will get to it, just not today.



Michael O'Rourke wrote:

To whom it may concern,

Not that this is a show stopper, but it seems that the LVM is missing important capabilities such as RAID 1 & 5. I see that you already support RAID 0, but that's it. In my opinion, it makes sense to merge the RAID support (seperate product) with the LVM product. Because the two really complement each other. Sincerely,
Michael O'Rourke
Unix System Admin
Per-Se' Technologies

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