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Re: [linux-lvm] lv extend

In article <3A7EBEE6 14490D5F tampabay rr com> you write:
> dmeyer dmeyer net wrote:
> > FYI, reiserfs apparently allows resizing of a mounted filesystem.
> > Mind you, I'd do a backup before trying anything resembling that, but
> > then backing up before resizing is always a good idea.
> Do you have anymore information on this.  I use reiser on my LV now.
> Its just scratch disks so I can play.  I am intrested in this chfs
> issue.

It's pretty easy.  Use lvextend to increase the size of the LV, then
run something like resize_reiserfs -f /dev/misc_vg/am_lv, and it'll
just work.  By default resize_reiserfs expands the filesystem to fill
the LV, but you can specify how much to grow the filesystem with -s.

This doesn't work, BTW, for shrinking.  You must unmount the
filesystem to shrink it, then use lvreduce to shrink the LV.

Dave Meyer
dmeyer dmeyer net

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