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Re: [linux-lvm] Help! Problems finding VG after reboot.

On Tue, Feb 06, 2001 at 04:58:22PM -0200, Rik van Riel wrote:
> On Tue, 6 Feb 2001 gobo gimle nu wrote:
> > Running vgscan I got the following message:
> > 
> > # vgscan
> > vgscan -- reading all physical volumes (this may take a while...)
> > vgscan -- found inactive volume group "widow"
> > vgscan -- ERROR "vg_read_with_pv_and_lv(): allocated LE of LV" can't get 
> > data of volume group "widow" from physical volume(s)
> > vgscan -- ERROR "vg_read_with_pv_and_lv(): allocated LE of LV" creating 
> > "/etc/lvmtab" and "/etc/lvmtab.d"
> I am running into the same bug, with the very latest LVM
> utilities and kernel 2.4.1.
> I have posted a bugreport in the LVM bugzilla, but I haven't
> heard anything from the LVM developers. Lets just hope they're
> not ignoring us...

The problem with your bug report on Bugzilla is that it is confusing.  You
added to a bug that complained about vgscan seg-faulting.  That bug is
obviously fixed.  The problem now is that vgscan no longer finds proper data
in the volume group.  This should be posted as a separate bug report, not
tacked onto the end of the old one.  

BTW, just because you haven't gotten an immediate reply does not mean the
problem is not being worked on.  We are a distributed development team,
with varying schedules.  Please give us a little credit that we are actually
reading the MLs and working on these problems instead of impatiently
complaining that nobody on the LVM team is doing anything all the time.  It
is rather tiring to see yet another post from you complaining that we don't do

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