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Re: [linux-lvm] Help! Problems finding VG after reboot.

On Tue, 6 Feb 2001, AJ Lewis wrote:

> BTW, just because you haven't gotten an immediate reply does not mean the
> problem is not being worked on.  We are a distributed development team,
> with varying schedules.  Please give us a little credit that we are actually
> reading the MLs and working on these problems instead of impatiently
> complaining that nobody on the LVM team is doing anything all the time.  It
> is rather tiring to see yet another post from you complaining that we don't do
> anything.

I'll second this... The ratio of '@sistina.com' addresses to other
addresses is very high, compared to other vendor mailing lists I've seen.
Also, I've not seen many bugs not get looked at, except for the obvious
cases where the user didn't provide enough info to properly diagnose them.
I, for one, think these guys are doing a great job for what they are

Michael Brown
Linux Systems Group
Dell Computer Corp

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