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Re: [linux-lvm] Setup for RAID1 with LVM

I'm not an expert to say the least and I have only known raid and LVM for
few weeks but
from what I have managed to do myself, it is pretty straigt forward.
I am using Debian kernel 2.4.1 (with Raid, LVM, and reiserfs support)
The lvm tools are lvm_0.9.1_beta3. Unfortunatly what you are attempting to
do, transfer an existing (working) system to a mirrored system. I haven't
tried, and probably won't :-)

2 x 20gb drives hda hdb

On hda do a small install on the first partition of 500mb, and a swap, hdb
partitioned in the same way with the swap active. 
Setup the Raid (kernel etc) reboot on that kernel of course. Install the
lvm stuff. 

Then I do this :-)

hda / 500
    /swap 512
    / (the rest RAID auto)	

hdb /500
    /swap 512
    / (The rest RAID auto)

Setup the raidtab business.
Reboot, and normaly I can create an md device with hda3 and hdb3. 
Then pvcreate /dev/md0
Then vgcreate toto /dev/md0
Then lvcreate my /dev/toto/usr /var /home etc...
Format them or reiser them as in my case.
copy everything from /xxx /dev/toto/xxx using the super command
find . |cpio -pm /mnt

Then I have something like this.

Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/hda1             656M  421M  202M  68% /
/dev/lvdev/home       484M   23k  459M   0% /home
/dev/lvdev/var        484M   22M  437M   5% /var
/dev/lvdev/usr        484M  422M   37M  92% /usr

At the moment I am trying to decide if this is any use to me :-) I would
also like to be able to mirror the / but I haven't been able to yet(any
help gratefully recieved). And I don't know if this is how others are
doing it.

Comments more than welcome, I would like to perfect thsi :-)


On Thu, 8 Feb 2001, Jens Bruckmann wrote:

> Dear LVM-Specialists,
> I would like to setup a configuration with LVM and RAID1. Poorly you
> can't just do a lvextend -m 1 like on HP-UX :-))
> I could not find any hints so far for a step by step description, the
> part has to be included in the LVM-Howto.
> I have two SCSI-Disks of nearly the same size, on Disk 1 I already have
> a working installation of Linux.
> /usr, /opt and /var reside on LVs. I want these three LVs to be mirrored
> online to the second disk as it is possible on HP-UX.
> Can someone shortly describe, how to setup such a configuration?
> Thanks for help,
> 	Jens
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