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Re: [linux-lvm] Upgrade procedure

On Thu, Feb 08, 2001 at 02:32:23PM -0800, hail narcissus wrote:
> I am running .9.1-Beta2 right now and though I am not currently in need to 
> upgrade I would like to know the procedure for future reference.
> My questions are:  Do I need to re-patch and compile the kernel for 
> upgrading?

Yes, you need to apply the release dependent LVM kernel patch.

> If so then do I need to start with a clean src or can I re-patch 
> my src?

It depends. In 2.4 you can most likely just apply a LVM delta patch which
will be generated during the LVM installation. This is documented in INSTALL
and PATCHES/README contained in the LVM distro.

> In other words, my kernel already has a couple of other hacks patched into 
> it.  If possible I would like to just run the LVM .9.1-Beta3 patch over my 
> kernel which was patched for Beta2 on it instead of having to dig up all the 
> other patches I have applied in the past.

As mentioned: with 2.4. applying the LVM 0.9.1-BetaN patch will (most
              likely) work.
              With 2.2 it depends on the patches you added and how they
              interfere with the LVM patch.

> Thanks.
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