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Re: [linux-lvm] Weird corruption of volume group configuration withLVM

On Sat, 10 Feb 2001, Andreas Dilger wrote:

> > I've attached a gzip'ed output from "vgscan -d -v" to this mail. Checking
> > out the end of the output, it doesn't seem that good - atleast to me..
> You must not have been running my version of vgscan?  One of the obvious
> problems is that the "lvm_dir_cache" is not a cache at all, and re-reads
> the devices each time it is called, making your output 25667 lines -
> nearly useless from a debugging standpoint (not to mention it is doing a
> LOT of duplicate work).  That will be my first patch...

Very true. I did not. New attached output has, although your code was
beta3 instead of beta4. I guess that won't make a difference in my
case. See the attached file (which actually has 44889 lines .. ?) with
output from 'your' vgscan.

Using beta3, vgscan doesn't segfault. It does with beta4. :/

> > Suggestions ?
> Looking at the end of your output shows the following:
> <22> pv_read_all_pv()  -- avoiding multiple entries in case of MD; np: 25
> so it found 25 PVs in your system.  This is correct I believe, from your
> previous email.  24 of these PVs are in VG mw1, and 1 is unused?


> At this point your vgscan output ends?  It is an error, but there
> _should_ be some more output saying it was an error, unless that is
> where you have your segfault.

That's the point where a segfault occured.

 -- Hans.

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