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Re: [linux-lvm] lvm on a brand-new server

On 22 Feb 2001, Erik [ISO-8859-1] Bågfors wrote:

> > Can anyone suggest a basic outline of the process? I'm certain there's a lot
> > more reading to do, but I'm not sure where to start. (I have looked over the
> > LVM How-to and the FAQ.)
> This is what I did.
> * Compile a 2.4.x-kernel with lvm and reiserfs (make-kpkg is your
> friend)

I've heard that before. I need to look into the kpkg stuff.

> * Create tar-balls or debian-packages of the lvm-tools and
> reiserfs-tools (at least mkreiserfs) 

There aren't any debs for those already? That surprises me. Is the
development just too fast for the packaging to keep up?

Thanks for the tips. That will really help me focus my reading over the next
week or so until the machine arrives.


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