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Re: [linux-lvm] Slackware init

On Mon, 26 Feb 2001, AJ Lewis wrote:

> I think the issue is that /proc is not yet mounted when you call vgscan.
> If you look at the tools/lib/lvm_dir_cache.c file at line 90, you will
> see that it checks for /proc/partitions.  If it finds that, it only scans
> the files in /proc/partitions.  Otherwise, it goes through all the possible
> devices LVM recognizes. 
> So if you can get /proc mounted before you call vgscan, it should not take
> so long, nor should it scan for all those devices you do not have on your
> system.

Well this is the problem, since I'm trying to mount the volumes from fstab
when mount is called, how would I go about getting /proc mounted after /
is mounted read-write, but before vgscan is run?
Have /proc mounted with a separate command in rc.S after / is remounted rw
and before vgscan is run?

Are there other alternatives, like removing unused emtries in /dev, to cut
down scan time (as was mentioned on this list earlier)?

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