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[linux-lvm] FYI Functioning Slackware init

Ok, with the help of list members I was able to resolve the vgscan 
problems I was experiencing booting Slackware. I'm going to share my 

In /etc/rc.d/rc.S:

 # Remount the root filesystem in read-write mode
 echo "Remounting root device with read-write enabled."
 /sbin/mount -w -v -n -o remount /
 # This was an addition, limits vgscan to /proc thus
 # speeding up the scan immensely.
 /sbin/mount /proc 
# Initialize Logical Volume Manager
 /sbin/vgchange -ay


 # mount file systems in fstab (and create an entry for /)
 # but not NFS because TCP/IP is not yet configured
 /sbin/mount -a -v -t nonfs,proc

As I had detailed in a previous posting, I had to alias off a bunch
of devices I don't have, in modules.conf. I no longer require those
aliases, and the loop module no longer loads since loop devices are no
longer scanned either.

Again, my thanks to the list, and I hope this can help other Slackware

P.S. Perhaps this can be added to the HOWTO for Slackware init?

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