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Re: [linux-lvm] Problem mounting ext2 fs on LVM

Urs writes:
> Andreas Dilger <adilger turbolinux com> writes:
> > What does it say in the syslog?  This will tell you why ext2 thinks it
> > can't mount, and will give us a clue on how to fix LVM.  I'm guessing
> > that when ext2 tries to set the blocksize to 1k it fails.
> Yes, I have a couple of messages in my syslog, like
> Feb 27 17:04:39 isnogud kernel: VFS: Unsupported blocksize on dev lvm(58,0).

This is an ext2 message when sb->s_blocksize != bh->b_size, even though
ext2 _should_ set the block size correctly if we get to this point (it
will call set_blocksize(sb->s_blocksize)).

Now I see what the problem might be, it is in ext2.  Give it a try and
let me know how it goes.

Cheers, Andreas
--- fs/ext2/super.c.orig	Fri Feb  2 17:12:09 2001
+++ fs/ext2/super.c	Tue Feb 27 12:53:41 2001
@@ -787,7 +791,7 @@
 	sb->s_maxbytes = ext2_max_size(sb->s_blocksize_bits);
-	if (sb->s_blocksize != BLOCK_SIZE &&
+	if (sb->s_blocksize != blocksize &&
 	    (sb->s_blocksize == 1024 || sb->s_blocksize == 2048 ||
 	     sb->s_blocksize == 4096)) {
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