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Re: [linux-lvm] Another strange setup by a newbie, but strange oops resulted while trying vgextend/vgmerge!

> First, i ran into the same problems as reported before here on the list, 
> vgmerge and vgextend give me OOPS while extending the LE counter for the 
> VG.

Grab the latest code from the LVM_0-9-patches branch of cvs.  You will
need to repatch/build the kernel module as well as the userland tools.

> other patches? (CVS snapshots are no choice!)
Then wait for the next release which shouldn't be too long.

> Ok, next ->
> What the heck are you guy's doing? I use a native RH6.2 installation w/o 
> any updates/fixes (except for network security), using 2.2.17 and 2.2.18 
> kernel-tarballs (the ..17 patches works well on ..18, only a few rejects 
> which can easily inserted by hand;). But you CAN'T release a version that 
> does not work w/o telling users if they had to look at some dependencies! 
> (if there are some, remember i use a really clear RH6.2!)

The lvm-2.2.17 and 2.2.18 patches apply cleanly to the vanilla
kernel + rawio.  The redhat kernel is almost certainly not a vanilla

> reports and patches adressing this, but there's no help. And don't think 
> all your users, who want to use LVM, are able to use CVS snapshots (i 
> never use cvs snapshots on my server ? release is release ? features 
> against bugs;).

I don't think 0.9 is quite ready for production systems.  Maybe you
should play with 0.8.

- Joe

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