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Re: [linux-lvm] any way to locate vg's on, say, /etc?

On Sunday 07 January 2001 10:54, Steven Lembark wrote:
> currently have a choice:  LVM or devfs.  since devfs essentially
> wipes out any /dev/blah dir's created after boot when it is
> remounted using /dev/ w/ vgcreate causes pain.  short of hacking
> soft links or archiving the devices w/ cpio every boot, putting
> the vol group dir's outside dev seems like the easiest fix.
> personal guess would be /etc or /LVM as likely places.
> just wondering if "/dev" is hard-coded or configurable
> in the kernel headers somewhere...

You can mount devfs on another location...

But that's not the solution either.  Every kernel driver should have
and then some code to create device nodes at the time it registers it's use 
of the device numbers.
Device drivers that aren't devfs aware are buggy.
/etc is totally wrong, it's only supposed to have config files.  Doing 
otherwise would make Linux as crappy as Solaris.

The best solution to these types of problems would be to make devfs mandatory 
for LVM and then only use the devfs functionality.  Then device numbers stop 
being a problem.

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